Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle

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Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle

  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
  • Incl. 3-9×32 scope

Beeman’s RAM air rifle includes many features normally found only in higher priced rifles: a hardwood stock, a raised cheekpiece, a two-stage adjustable trigger and an all-steel receiver. This gun is more than able to shoot groups that’ll be the envy of your friends, with 0.36 center-to-center groups at 10 yards. This combo includes a muzzlebrake for extra cocking leverage and a Beeman 3-9x32mm scope (NOT mounted). Accuracy and magnum power at a bargain price!… …

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3 Responses to “Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle”
  1. Stonington "Jack" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great quality at a low price, December 3, 2011
    Stonington “Jack” (New England) –

    The Beeman RS-2 is a nicely balanced, break barrel, single pump with a scope that you “will not” regret buying, at least I don’t think you will. I’ve had mine for about 9 or 10 months now and every time I take it out it impresses me for the overall quality for the relatively low cost. By the numbers it has a velocity from around 950 fps up to 1,100 fps depending on the ammo used. Of course the PBA shots faster and regular lead pellets are a bit slower but no matter which you use it has plenty of power to be used for plinking and also small game hunting. Check the web for the reviews and you’ll see people respect this one. For the price you get one serious shooter that will compete with the higher prices units all day long and hold its own with no trouble. Using several types of ammo the groups I can maintain groups of about 2 to 3 inch diameter @ 50 yards and that is great. Holding a 2″ Group @ 50Yards is tough enough on a good day and this one has done it consistently for me. The scope isn’t a high end unit but it sure will get you on the mark and the zoom works fine for bringing in the targets where you want to see them. Would I buy it again? Yes – absolutely, Would I recommend it? You bet I would, after shooting one how could you not. Don’t get me wrong this is not a super high end weapon to be used for ultra accurate contests but it certainly is worth every penny and if you’re like me appreciating good quality this one is one you should at least consider, I am one happy guy for a casual shooter and the crew I go up against are pretty impressed too especially when they say “Hey can I try that one out?” That’s when you know they have been eye balling it too, hahaha, funny to see them check it over and ask how much I paid for it. Like I say for the money you get pretty darn good item, it is certainly not a toy and is not the Red Rider BB Gun from the movies, this has some real power to it. Anyway I like it and if you have considered one I think when you shoot it you’ll agree its well worth it.
    Don’t forget to try out the options in ammo, it shoots differently with different types and will surprise you with the PBA type

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  2. Finsta says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Unbelievably accurate!, May 6, 2012

    This review is from: Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle (Misc.)

    Unbelievably accurate, hard hitting, feels solid, nicely matched scope for rifle. For $128?

    I never do reviews but this time I feel compelled. This has to be the best deal for a quality air rifle going.

    Lets start off by saying I’m a firearms instructor and I was very sceptical of a $128 air rifle “made in China”. I read lots of reviews on this gun, most of them very positive. I needed an air rifle for garden pests in my backyard and also wanted to start teaching my son (6) firearms safety and marksmanship. This rifle is very heavy, which is a good thing for a spring gun with a recoil. From a benchrest or supported position…..all day long!….. I wanted an accurate, powerful, decently built gun and didn’t want to pay alot for it. I never fired a “spring air gun” and after doing my research I was leaning towards a RWS 34 as it was german made quality. For $279 (including a 3-9/40 scope) it made me look harder at some of the cheaper alternatives. I took a chance on the Beeman R2 Sportsman series rifle and was very glad I did!

    Out of the box this is what I did:

    I mounted the 3-9 scope and applied blue loctite to all scope bolts and let them dry overnight.

    I cleaned the bore with a .22 bronze brush dipped in Marvel Mystery Oil (just to get all the chinese grease and crud out of it and hopefully decrease/eliminate the “airgun break in period” of 500-1500 rounds) I was careful to make sure that the marvel mystery oil ONLY went in the barrel and nowhere else. I passed the brush down and back 25 times and then used a .22 mop to get the bulk of the junk out. I then passed several patches through until they came out clean (wiping the cleaning rod often on a towel)The barrel now looked perfectly clean.

    I set up my chrony and set my target at 21 yards to zero the scope. (ground was not level at 20yards) I ran about 2-3 dozen shots through it to get used to the rifle, unusual type of “recoil” and to see approximately where the rounds were hitting. After I was comfortable I started shooting from an “artillary hold” from a bench rest. It took about a dozen shots to dial in the scope. My last 6 shots (see picture above)were near spot on and could be covered with a dime! They say that accuracy improves as the rifle gets broken in? I could only dream that is true as the shots would have to go in the same hole to be any better. My chrony got between 750 and 761 fps from a 14.3 gr., 22 cal.Crossman Premier Hollow point. Its what Wally world carries for $8.98 per 500. I found the consistency and the power impressive suggesting that the rifle was made well. The “RS2” 2 stage trigger was very smooth and nice right out of the box. It was a huge selling point as this is considered to be one of the best triggers for an air rifle. The trigger is fully adjustable (nice..) and while it was great right out of the box, I plan on lightening it up for even tighter groups. Replacement parts are commonly available for these as many of the big box store Beeman’s use the same internal components. Look up “Beeman RS2 parts” on the internet. While the rifle certainly performs awesome, looks great and I don’t expect any problems with it….It’s nice to know it wont be a disposable.

    Now…I have seen reviews that advocated to buy a certain gun package and immediately replace the “crappy scope and horrible trigger”….(which you just paid for) which then adds another $80+ to the deal. That just doesn’t make sense to me. It also doesn’t make sense for me to spend $300 on an airgun when I can get a GREAT 22LR for less!

    That’s it… off my soapbox. I am sure that there are rifles that missed quality control specs that find there way onto the market particularly the Chinese made versions and there are people that just don’t know how to shoot… but the rifle comes with a one year warranty which should be plenty of time to know what you have. For me $128 bought me a solution to my problem and should put a smile on my sons face for years to come. (and mine….) God Bless.

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  3. Precise says:
    9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A good air gun for the price, August 9, 2011

    This review is from: Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle (Misc.)

    Break-in period – around 350 pellets. No good grouping during the break-in, .50″-.75″ groups after, consistent, at 15, 25 and 50 yards with an artillery hold. Prefers JSB Exacts (not Match). The scope better to be changed to OB, but the one coming with the rifle will do for a beginner or a hunter of a small game.

    Overall for the price 5 stars no problem, can be compared to much more expensive items. Used by the reviewer in .22. The 2-stage trigger is easily adjustable for your liking.

    Requires an effort of a man or strong woman to operate. A bit on a heavy side (as it should be). Not loud.

    Not a toy, powerful and needs respect and safety like a real gun.Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger air rifle

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