Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor Air Rifle air rifle

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Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor Air Rifle air rifle

  • Quietest Airgun in its Class

The quietest air gun in its powerful class! Stoeger X20S Suppressor Air Rifle, BIG BUCKS OFF! The Stoeger X20S Suppressor Air Rifle offers the Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System with Air Flow Control (AFC) technology, designed by world-renowned silencer designers Humbert CTTS. Others use only sound-dampening baffles, so the internal air-regulator ring helps it reduce noise better than any other pellet gun on the market. This ring has 4 decompression holes that bleed off most of the compressed air

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3 Responses to “Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor Air Rifle air rifle”
  1. Average patriot says:
    15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    All around great rifle, not so great scope., July 9, 2014

    I purchased this rifle with unreasonable expectations. The videos and description by stoeger is that it’s as quiet as a mouse. It is not. However it is the quietest air rifle I’ve ever heard that can shoot at this velocity. It’s even quieter than rifles that shoot 650fps. In fact, the only thing that even makes noise in this rifle is the spring right next to your ear. I shoot 200 pellets a day through it and you can barley hear it indoors. Have someone fire it while you stand around the corner and you will be impressed without the spring noise right next to your ear. The sound factor was undoubtedly the selling point for me (and probably you which is why you even found this rifle in the first place) since I have neighbors on both sides about 30 feet away from my line of fire. It’s a bit louder than an air soft gun but not by much. Don’t expect it to go 110% unnoticed because it wont. It just won’t irritate your neighbors. For some reason, the first shot I fired from it was screaming loud! It sounded like a 9mm going off. My ears started ringing and I had temporary hearing loss. After that, they only got quieter until about 200 rounds, now the volume is consistent.

    There’s a lot of reviews about the poor quality of the scope and trigger, and they’re somewhat accurate. The trigger is fine, it just has a higher learning curve like a DA/SA pistol vs a SA only. I plan on replacing mine only because I shoot a large amount and I want my gun to be top notch. I’d compare the stock trigger to a stock ruger 10/22 trigger but with twice the slack. The scope is decent but mine came loose after I had zeroed it. The screws literally popped off the scope rings. So much for bore sighting as advertised. I had to spend another hour zeroing the scope using a vice. Once zeroed, you can stack pellets all day long. It’s a very accurate rifle but the scope is not the same quality as the rifle. The red/green light feature it has is only useful in mid to low light conditions. Otherwise the crosshairs wash out in total sunlight and the center dot is hardly even visible. I plan on replacing this scope with a 3-9x zoom and mil dot of some sort.

    The power rating on this rifle is as advertised. It will literally disintegrate sparrows. I can’t even find them after the poof of feathers is gone. It also has the power for adult raccoon as long as you place your shots well. There is no doubt this rifle is powerful enough to kill a person so it absolutely needs to be treated like a real firearm.

    I was stumped on how to cock the rifle when I first received it. You simply have to smack it to break a friction lock of some sort and you’re good to go.

    And last and least important, this rifle looks sweet! It looks far more intimidating than my 10/22 which also means it will probably get you shot by the police if you’re holding it out in public acting a fool. Very realistic looking so be careful! Always remember your 4 rules of firearms safety!!!!!!

    The rifle receives 4.5 stars and the scope gets 3.5.


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  2. S. Firmin "Joe Mauma" says:
    21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A+++++++++++++++++++++, July 6, 2011
    S. Firmin “Joe Mauma” (Texas) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This thing shoots holes straight through my wood privacy fence. I’m pretty sure it would go through my trucks door also. Took me a while to get it sighted in but after that it’s a tack driver(or tack pulverizer).

    Pyramyd Air is also a completely awesome company to deal with. They even sent me a case for the rifle that I was NOT expecting.


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  3. Maui4Ever says:
    26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Fantastic Rifle! Stoeger X20 Suppressor (.177 caliber), December 13, 2013

    Well first off, I’ve wanted one for 2 years and I’m glad I finally got one. Got mine special through Pyramyd Air for $129.00 during their Christmas Specials in early December.

    So bare with me on this… First, if you are expecting a completely silent “Hollywood Movie Rifle” that’s no louder than a mouse fart, be prepared to be disappointed. Right out of the box, it is as loud as any springer air rifle out there. These rifles are shipped new from the factory with almost an excessive amount of oils and lubricants in the internals that need to be “burnt off” (shoot several rounds) before the rifle begins to quiet down. Now unfortunately this has led to several “negative” reviews because some people think that they are receiving some special “mythical suppressed firearm” right out of the box, and they think that their back yard is Afghanistan….This rifle needs to be properly broken in and you need to take your time in doing it and you will not be displeased!

    I received my rifle last night, and with my coffee this morning I spent about 90 minutes putting about 75 rounds through it while breaking in the action, and sighting in the scope that comes with it. After the first 30-40 shots, you will notice a considerable drop in the muzzle report (which this rifle is supposed to do) after the excess oils have a chance to burn off. After another 30 rounds, I had it sighted in beautifully at a somewhat close range of 15-20 yards (but perfect for anything in my back yard) and the last 5 shots when thorough the same hole in an empty C0KE can at 45 feet. Now by the time I had 75 rounds through the rifle, it was noticeably quieter than any of my other air guns, and as a landscape/light construction contractor, I have nail guns that are MUCH louder than my X20 Suppressor.

    Also, regardless of what is says on the box, Stoegers website, and/or other customer reviews, the scope that comes with the rifle is mounted, BUT IT IS NOT BORESIGHTED, and you do have to zero in the optics yourself. The scope itself also gets more negative than positive reviews, but I for one think its perfect for plinking off the back porch where I have a 1.5 acre back yard and it gives me a very crisp, and clear field of view. Overall, I think the X20 Suppressor is an outstanding “all around” pellet rifle and is now the favorite of my collection (in which the other 7 are all Crosman/Benjamin platforms) *Laughing*…. Anyway, as long as you take the time to break this rifle in properly, you will have a very well built, and very quiet air rifle that will be great addition to your collection.

    I gave it 5 stars, because:

    * It is compact, lightweight, and easy cocking, easy handling pellet rifle.
    * Its overall “tactical” appearance is simply just cool looking… you can “plink in style”.
    * The construction is a quality you don’t normally find on an air rifle under the $400-$500 range.
    * Although not as quite as one would hope for, its drastically quieter than any other “springer”.
    * The rifle has so far done everything I’ve “asked” it to do. Its great for back yard shooting!


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