Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light

Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light

  • Sub-compact green laser sight with 100-lumens tactical light
  • Eye-dazzling 140-lumen strobe disorients attackers
  • Unlimited on-the-fly modes; flawless snag-free fit
  • Range of up to 100 yards in daylight and 2 miles at night
  • Runs on single CR2 3-volt lithium battery; weighs 2.3 ounces
  • Note: Battery cap must be screwed down for correct operation

Nothing knocks the fight out of bad guys like the sudden appearance of a C5L-equipped sub-compact. The always-brilliant green laser says “Don’t mess” 24 hours a day. The 100 lumen tactical light evaporates darkness and delivers an eye dazzling 140 lumen strobe that disorients even the most determined attacker. Unlimited on-the-fly modes let you program your C5L fast and easy, giving you a fistful of deterrence in any situation. The world’s first subcompact -mountable green laser/light fits nea

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3 Responses to “Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light”
  1. K. T. says:
    316 of 332 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    One design flaw ruined an otherwise perfect product, November 21, 2011
    K. T.

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light (Sports)
    The C5L is amazingly small and fits compact handguns very well. The business end of this laser sight stays well behind the muzzle. It fits Glock 19 better than Glock’s own laser sight. Both the green laser and white LED flash light are very bright.

    HOWEVER, there is a major design flaw. The metal battery cap can easily cross-thread in its plastic seat. If you cross thread it even ONCE, the cap will never seat right again, and there is no way a user can fix it. Worse yet, you wouldn’t know it’s cross threaded until the damage has already been done.

    Having a fine-threaded metal cap riding on a plastic internal thread is simply a stupid design. A metal cap needs a metal seat to align properly and prevent cross-threading. Viridian mentioned in the user’s manual: “take care to properly line up the threads so as to not damage the polymer internal threading of your viridian..” A cautionary notice is not enough to make up for a deficient design. It is not reasonable to expect the user to line up the cap perfectly every time, all the time, when there isn’t any alignment mark to line up to, on a mission-critical product that may be handled in adverse conditions.

    I love everything of the C5L but this fatal flaw ruined it. I will not recommend this product until Viridian put metal threads in the battery chamber.


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  2. LesnOfYerLif3 says:
    148 of 153 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Just spoke with Viridian executive officer, August 16, 2012

    This review is from: Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light (Sports)
    I am posting this after several frustrating attempts to purchase, install and use non-Viridian lasers/lights (DO NOT PURCHASE ANY AimShot PRODUCTS) for my .40 cal Springfield XD. Unlike many other companies (Like AimShot) Viridian will stand behind their products. I am going to expound upon the specific (and systemic) problem with their product AND their specific offer and guarantee in this regard:

    The threading on the battery compartment is polymer while the battery cap itself is made out of aluminum. If you are not careful, you can easily strip out the threading if you attempt to screw in the battery cap cockeyed.

    This is the deal:

    Viridian admitted that they had a manufacturing problem (specifically, a tooling problem) with one of their machines and a “batch” of their products went out to the market in August of last year before they noticed the problem. Since then, they have resolved the issue and all products made after August are now made to their standard specifications.

    They are not going to redesign their product to change out the polymer threading in the battery compartment BUT they will pay to ship any damaged/defective units back to their factory for replacement if you contact them within 30 days of purchase and delivery. After 30 days, you have to pay for shipping but they will still replace the unit free of charge.

    What does this mean (exactly)?

    This means, if you buy a Viridian product – they will stand behind it for life. In other words, they, as a responsible company, will replace ANY unit that fails or becomes defective as a result of use. Thus, instead of other products (with limited warranty’s), Viridian will go out of it’s way to provide you with a new product every time your unit fails (so, by spending $200+ one time, you will have a quality laser for life).

    To avoid stripping out the battery casing, they recommend that you: place the battery cap on the unit and carefully (without pressure) turn the cap counter-clockwise (left) until you feel the cap drop (indicating the beginning of the threads). Then, slowly, with a small amount of pressure, begin to turn the cap clockwise (right). If you’ve got the battery cap correctly threaded into the unit housing, it will only take a very small amount of downward force (almost none) to actually screw the cap in completely. If your cap requires force to turn clockwise (right), STOP and START OVER! The executive said that it takes him a couple of times each and every time he changes out his batteries.

    I hope those directions helped – additionally, read the directions and watch the instructional DVD before you attempt to put the laser on your pistol. TAKE YOUR TIME, trust me, any time wasted on reading the instructions is nothing compared to the time it takes to ship your unit back to the factory and get a new one.

    Additionally, if you provide proof of service (in the armed forces or as a law enforcement officer) they will provide you with a discount (if you purchase from them directly). The discounted prices for veterans and L.E. Officers is as follows (for the C5 and C5L) $199 and $249 respectively.

    Hope this helped.




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  3. Kindle Customer says:
    91 of 95 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Green laser very visible but has reliability issues, March 15, 2013
    Kindle Customer (San Diego, CA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Viridian C5L Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Sight with Tactical Light (Sports)

    The green laser is very bright. It is highly visible at 50 yards in bright sunlight. Easy to zero and keeps the zero after 800 rounds. Nice and compact. The tactical light is bright enough to enable target identification in the dark.

    Laser light would sometimes not switch on. Had the C5L for less than a month. First time I encountered this problem was after I used the C5L for about 1.5 hours in the shooting range. When I got home the C5L would not activate. I thought that maybe the battery that came with it might already be drained. So I changed the battery to a new Viridian battery. I made sure the battery cap was screwed in correctly and all the way in but the problem persisted. Right after I changed the battery the C5L worked. After practicing with it for approximately 10 min the laser refused to activate again. I’ve read that it may be caused by the battery cap not being screwed all the way in. So I made sure that the battery cap was all the way in and for a while that fixed the problem. After another 15 minutes the problem recurred. The battery cap was still screwed all the way in, so I tried to loosen it a bit and the C5L started working again. Every so often the laser will not activate. 25% of the time when I push the “ON” button the laser will not activate and I have to fiddle around with the battery cap to make the C5L work. This might be a defective unit so I’m returning it to Amazon for a replacement. I hope the next one is more reliable. I will update this review when the new unit arrives.

    * * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

    2nd Unit (Replacement for the above) Serial # 36310

    Received the replacement unit last week.

    PRO: As always tactical light is very bright, can easily illuminate dark room at night. Strobe function is disorienting. Green laser is very bright and highly visible. Very good for fast shot placements, and tighter groups.

    CONS: Upon receipt of the replacement unit, I installed fresh batteries. Installed the cap carefully and screwed it all the way down. The first sign of a problem showed up a few seconds after installation. I am right handed so I use the right activation button. When I pushed the right button I noticed that sometimes the laser will not activate or if the laser is already on it will not deactivate. In contrast, the left button worked perfectly. I made doubly sure that the battery cap was screwed all the way in. I kept clicking on the right button for several minutes with varying degrees of pressure with the same results. I can feel the soft click but the laser sometimes will not switch on or it will not switch off. I thought that maybe because it was a brand new unit the problem might go away after it has been used for a bit. I hoped that maybe some of the kinks might be ironed out if I bring it to the range and fired a few hundred rounds. I did just that but the problem persisted. Out of 100 pushes, the right button failed to work 38 times. The left button worked 100% of the time.

    Called Viridian customer service. They were very helpful. The tech told me to make sure that the battery cap was screwed all the way in . The tech said that I should not be able to see any part of the rubber O-ring between the cap and the unit. She said that the cap must be screwed in until I can no longer see the rubber O-ring. I checked and told her that I could not see any of the O-ring but the button problem persisted. The tech told me that they were going to repair the unit but I opted to return the unit to Amazon for replacement. I paid $250 for the C5L and I expect to get a brand new unit that works right out of the box without any defect.

    * * * * Amazon customer service is EXCELLENT! Hassle free returns for defective merchandise. I have been a very satisfied customer since 2006.

    * * * * * April 8, 2013 – UPDATE * * * * *

    3rd Unit (Replacement for unit # 2) Serial # 34721

    The 3rd unit arrived March 28. I installed it the next day. Worked great after installation, the 2 activation switches worked perfectly. The green laser was crisp and bright. Went to the shooting range twice (Mar. 30 and Apr. 3) and fired 200 rounds of regular load of .40S&W each trip. After the second trip the laser point developed a green haze surrounding it. When the laser is 5 feet from the wall the hazy disc is 4 inches in diameter. (See uploaded pictures) This problem persist even after I’ve cleaned the laser’s lens with a moistened cotton swab as instructed in the manual.

    I really like this laser because it’s very bright and holds a zero well. However, I already had 3 units sent to me and all 3 units had some sort of defect. Two of the units had defects upon installation and this 3rd unit showed its defect after about 3 hours of use in the shooting range. Something is wrong with Viridian’s quality control…

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