Wildlife Research 524 Paws and Claws Predator Calling Scent (8-Fluid Ounce)

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Wildlife Research 524 Paws and Claws Predator Calling Scent (8-Fluid Ounce)

  • Enhances your calling setup
  • Powerful long range scent
  • Predators become the prey
  • Completes your calling set-up, making it more realistic
  • 8 fluid ounce squirt top bottle

Coyotes and other predators commonly circle around and approach callings sets from downwind, just like when closing in on prey. Using a quality predator calling scent helps complete your calling set-up and makes it more realistic to approaching predators. Wildlife Research’s Paws & Claws makes the predators become the prey by enhancing your calling set-up with its powerful long range scent.

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